Califonia Handgun Roster

Are you unsure what you're able to purchase in California? Click the button to check out the CA Handgun Roster. What this roster is showing is what you are able to purchase. If it is not on the roster, sorry fam, welcome to Commiefornia.


California Rifle & Pistol Association, giving you tons of information that the 2A community should follow. From court cases, to seminars and meetings, CRPA will keep you up to speed.

Benelli on Firearms Safety

Want to own firearms and remain safe? It's always best to do research on your firearm as well as know all safety procedures so everyone has an injury free experience. It keeps them coming back and encourages them to recruit other Americans!

Children and Firearms

It's a touchy subject but, that doesn't mean it can be avoided forever. Children grow up and as humans we're naturally curious! The time to start is up to you as the parent however when you're ready, there are TONS of recourses. Check out Youth Interest with the NRA.