*Prices are increasing 3/16/2024

  • Starts at $120
  • Recessed borders $30
  • Single Undercut $20
  • Double undercut $40
  • Finger groove removal $30
  • Keep logo $10
  • Gas pedal $20/ea
  • Custom logo $50/side
  • Scallop cut $40

Firearm Safety Card Test

Our Firearm Safety Card test is $30, but we wanted to make it special. If you pass your FSC test and purchase your FIRST firearm with us the same day, we'll take $5 off of your FSC fee! 

This does apply to FSC renewals as well! 😉

Private Party Transfer PPT

Ready to sell that gun? Our fee is only $10 for all firearms.

FFL Firearm Transfer

So you're buying a firearm online and need an FFL. Our fee for Long Guns is $75/ea and for Handguns $50/ea. See our FAQ page for important details on how to go about this process!  

FFL ammo transfer

You want to order some ammunition online and need an FFL, below is our fees. Please see our FAQ page for important details on how to go about this process! 

  • 1K-4999 rounds - $25 fee
  • 3K-4999 rounds - $50 fee
  • 5K or more         - $75 fee

Gun Stuff

  • Firearm cleaning $30/hr
  • Custom installation $25

Price may increase on installation dependending on the complexity. Please call or come by so we can accurately quote you.

BSIS Guard Card

This is an 8 hour course for the basic guard card certification. Please call for further details or to make an appointment! 

BSIS Guard Card $69.00